Extensive Storm Damage

Limit Storm Damage with Roller Shutters

Reports from The Sydney Morning Herald on 21st April 2015 indicated that over 7000 insurance claims had been lodged, with millions of dollars of damage done to the NSW area due to severe storm damage. Cyclones are defined as strong, constant winds of more than 63km/h. Once the winds surpass 118 km/h, they are then classified as severe. There are generally five different categories of cyclone, with damage varying with each category.
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Solar Energy

Solar Energy – What Next?

Ever since the first solar collector was invented in 1767, by Horace-Benedict de Saussure, the world has had a fascination with solar energy. Some of the greatest scientists in history have had an influence on the development of a wide range of technologies to harness sunlight for energy. Edmond Becquerel discovered the photovoltaic effect in 1839, a method of converting solar energy into direct current electricity using semi conducting materials. Albert Einstein wrote a paper on the photoelectric effect in 1905, but it was not confirmed experimentally until 1916, by Robert Millikan.
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Are Prefab Homes the Future for Homeownership?

Australians have a long standing tradition of owning their own homes. Governments have actively encouraged citizens to purchase property since the loan schemes in the 1920s. While figures for home ownership in Australia indicate that 67% of households are owner occupiers, there has been a steady fall in the number of people that own their home outright, from 40.9% to 32.1%. Figures for households that own their home through a mortgage has increased from 25.5% to 34.9%.
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And The Winner Is…

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Energy Saving Tips

Energy Saving Tips for Winter

Winter can be a welcome break for many Australians after our long, hot summers. During the months of June, July and August we usually see a significant drop in temperatures, increased rainfall and in some cases storms. While these conditions make it tempting to crank up the central heating, it is important to remember that there are methods of keeping your house warm and well lit, without incurring an enormous heating and electrical bill.
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Home Renovation and Maintenance Ideas for Autumn

With the summer sun slowly fading, and the autumn leaves appearing, it’s time to start preparing your home for the months ahead. While home renovation and maintenance can be a financial burden, it makes sense to make improvements in the autumn months, in order to prepare for the cooler months ahead, and make savings in the long term.
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