Electric Roller Shutters

At HalfPrice.com.au we provide a full range of high quality electric roller shutters at affordable prices. We are a 100% Australian owned company with a proud team of qualified and professional installers.

HalfPrice.com.au is a member of SPAAL which ensures we use the most up to date techniques and supply a high quality product. All of our products must pass a meticulous three stage test before installation;

Control of material by testing of:

– Technical properties of the aluminium;
– Binding quality & resistance of Polyammidic paint to avoid peeling & resistance to abrasion

Control of roll forming cycle to ensure:

– Perfect shaping of the profile;
– Proper injection of the polyurethane resins

Sample testing of the finished product

All of our products are made to last and the HalfPrice.com.au team ensures they are installed with care. Customer service before, during, and after an installation is always our top priority and we will be there for you if any little thing goes wrong.

Operating your electric roller shutter

A tubular electric motor specially supplied to Half Price is inserted in the top of the Hexagon axle to provide motorisation of the roller shutter. The electric motor capacity is 40 Newton metre sufficient to power the largest of our roller shutters.

HalfPrice hard-wire all our electric shutters to the mains power of your home, ensuring integrity in the power supply including installing safety switches where necessary;

All electric shutters are controlled by either a:

  • Wall mounted remote controller, or
  • Hand held remote controllers, or
  • Key ring remote controllers.

The remote controllers can control a single roller shutter or up to 15 as a group allowing flexibility in the control of the shutters operation;

The benefits of Electric Roller Shutters

Electric roller shutters work similarly to regular shutters but they are far more convenient to use. Firstly, they work well in domestic environments as every door and window can be adjusted without the need to manually attend to each one. All of our electric roller shutters can be controlled automatically with a remote or by a wall mounted switch.

This is particularly convenient in areas that are hard to reach within your home, by a simple press of a button the shutters can be opened or closed!



Electric Roller Shutters: Our entire range of electric roller shutters can be controlled automatically with a hand held remote control or a switch mounted to the wall.


Manual Roller Shutters: Operated easily with a strap or winder.

Spring Loaded

Spring Loaded Roller Shutters: If you own a shop, this is the locking system you need.

We would love to have a chat with you if you’re thinking about installing roller shutters in your home. For an obligation free discussion with us about all things shutters, do not hesitate to get in touch. You can contact us by phone or send us your details on our contact form and we will be in touch with you.