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Home Burglary: Are You at Risk This Easter?

Household burglaries are one of Australia’s most widespread crimes. Money is most commonly stolen (19%) followed by jewellery (18%), 1 with other items such as firearms, laptops, cameras, phones and televisions also frequently thieved.

Want the peace of mind that your home is secure?

We would all like peace of mind that our home is secure when we’re not there. By installing rollers shutters on your windows and doors, you can feel confident to go out and leave your home unattended. Whether it be for a few hours, or a few weeks whilst you are overseas.  

Household Crime Australia – Infographic

No one wants their house to be infiltrated by nasty burglars. Not alone is it invasive, it can be a terrifying experience aside from the possible financial loss and the possible structural damage received. There are ways of protecting your home and measures that you can put in place to ensure you and your family […]