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Our interior louvered shutters are plantation shutters with slats between the window frame. A great addition to any home, they are growing in popularity across Australia due to their physical and practical appeal.

When they are installed in your home the benefits will become obvious. They keep your home at a comfortable temperature by shading it from direct sunlight. What’s more, the added insulation will improve energy efficiency in your home. Indoor louvered shutters are also a wonderful option for those seeking more privacy.

Our indoor Louvered Shutters are versatile and come in a range of modern designs which can be adapted to suit the needs of your home. One of the most popular choices in our louvered shutter range is our Smart Stile Elite Range which has an elegant tilt at the back and makes open and closing the shutters easy. Our Smart Stile Elite Range is available in range of materials and styles including: Elite, Lite, Paulownia Timber and Aluminium.

Our entire range is available of Indoor Louvered Shutters in SydneyCanberraCentral Coast or Newcastle.

Trying to Decide Between Indoor & Outdoor Louvered Shutters? Give us a call and we will go through everything with you, obligation-free. We look forward to hearing from you!