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At, we supply and install a fantastic range of manual roller shutters at affordable prices. We are an Australian company with over 15 years of experience delivering high quality work in homes across Australia. All of our shutters are installed by fully qualified professionals. As a member of SPAAL we ensure that we have the most up-to-date products and are fully up to speed with the latest developments in the industry.

Our roller shutters are easy to operate and can be opened and closed manually. Roller shutters are a system of interlocking aluminium slats, injected with polyurethane and coated in a fade and abrasive-resistant enamel. It’s these non-corrosive characteristics which makes their maintenance virtually nil.

Our collection has been specially designed for covering windows, corner windows, bay windows, sliding doors and front doors.

Looking after your Manual Roller Shutters

We also provide a full repairs and maintenance service to ensure that 100% of our customers are happy before, during, and after installation.

Manual roller shutters are particularly suitable for small homes and offices with easily accessible windows and doors. A simplistic shutter operated by straps and winders is ideal as large shutters can be very heavy to move without assistance. We advise that you discuss your needs with a member of our expert team to figure out what product would best suit your needs. For example,you may require a large number of shutters to be opened and closed on a daily basis, and for this electric shutters may offer more convenience.

Operating your Manual Rolling Shutters

Manual roller shutters are operated through:

A. Strap Winder Operation

To elevate or lower the shutter, you will use the shutter’s nylon strap which is stored in a PVC winder box made. The strap winder has markings indicating which direction the handle should be turned to raise or lower the shutter. If the handle is wound in the wrong direction the mechanism will click over and the winder will work in reverse.

Do not force the shutters when fully opened at the top of the track. There are stoppers placed within the product to prevent the curtain from rolling into the pelmet box. Use of excessive force will jam the shutter’s curtain in the pelmet and halt the operation of the product.


B. Mini Strap Coiler

To raise the roller shutter, pull down the PVC nylon strap until the desired height is reached. To lower the shutter, pull the strap toward you from the bottom and raise your hand towards the top of the shutter until all the slack is taken from the strap.

Our manual roller shutters feature an internal locking mechanism. This locks the shutter when in the down position and is secured via an additional key locking system.

To ensure your roller shutter stands the test of time, your windows must be fully closed before operation.

Our entire range of manual roller shutters is available in SydneyCanberraCentral Coast or Newcastle.


Electric Roller Shutters: Controlled conveniently with a hand-held remote control or by a wall switch.


Manual Roller Shutters: Operated with a convenient strap or winder.

Spring Loaded

Spring Loaded Roller Shutters: A perfect choice for protecting your shopfront, these are easily operated via a key locking system.

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