Infographic – All You Need to Know about Blinds

Blinds are a functional part of the home. They can help to keep out sunlight which is especially handy if you are a light sleeper or work shift-work so often sleep during daylight. Blinds also serve to cool a home, giving shade from the direct sunlight. They also help to protect your furniture from the powerful light which can cause furniture colours to fade. Blinds, of course serve other functions like preventing flies and other insects from entering the home but of course also there is an aesthetic element to having blinds.

Blinds can come in many different guises; there are a huge amount of materials to choose from, not to mention colours. As a result, they can really make a feature in your home or help to emphasize a specific theme you have. This infographic that we recently created is a great guide on why you need blinds in your home, the advantages and also the many options you have when selecting them. Check it out below; hope you enjoy it!

All You Need to Know about Blinds