Amazon Echo VS. Google Home: Face-Off!

Thinking about buying an Amazon Echo or Google Home smart speaker? Take a look at our infographic so you can be sure you’re making the smart choice for your smart home!

What Is A Smart Speaker?

An essential tool for any ultra-modern home, smart speakers are Wi-Fi-connected devices featuring built-in artificial intelligence which comes in the form of a voice assistant. You can use voice-command to get the speaker to perform a staggeringly wide range of tasks from playing your favourite song, turn up the heating, create a to-do list and controlling your lights. If you already have some Internet of Things (IoT) devices in your home, you can easily connect them to the speaker to enable voice control.


The Amazon Echo Smart Speaker in Action

Amazon Echo & Google Home

When it comes to smart home speakers, Amazon and Google (who just launched an office in Melbourne) are the two clear market leaders. Both companies got ahead of the curve on smart speaker technology and as such have a clear advantage over newer devices, making them the obvious choices for anyone thinking of purchasing a smart speaker.


The Google Home Smart Speaker at Work

Which Is Better – Google Home Or Amazon Echo?

While both devices boast outstanding features, each one has particular strengths that the other lacks. Therefore, you should base your choice on your unique needs.

For example, we recommend Google Home if you intend to use it for playing movies and music because it will let you stream to the speaker itself or to other speakers in the house if they’re connected to a Chromecast audio device.

However, if productivity is important to you then you may want to opt for the Amazon Echo as it has a huge selection of handy tools such as recipes, stock checking and workout guides.

Google Home Vs Amazon Echo

For an in-depth comparison guide on the Google Home and Amazon Echo, take a look at our infographic below. It compares both products under a number of categories including: design, smart-home features, voice assistant, music & movie playback, shopping, games & entertainment, personalisation and productivity.

Read the infographic below to find out who our winner is!

Amazon Echo VS. Google Home