Interactive Timeline on History of Solar Energy

The world today is in the midst of so many environmental changes. We are witness to increasing smog in our cities and we are being subjected to extreme weather conditions all across the world. Governments have had to sit up and take notice and reassess their policies in order to tackle the situation. Over the years we have seen them try to come to agreement in Copenhagen, in Kyoto and just recently in Paris 2015. The world’s main governments are sitting up and taking notice that the environment and climate change are issues that MUST be addressed for the benefit of the planet’s future.

Solar power is something that we can all use for the benefit of our home energy needs while also fulfilling our own individual responsibilities in terms of the environment. Solar energy allows us to harness the natural resource that is the sun in order to heat our homes and water.
We recently created this Timeline to highlight the history of solar energy…check it out!