Home Burglary: Are You at Risk This Easter?

Household burglaries are one of Australia’s most widespread crimes.

Money is most commonly stolen (19%) followed by jewellery (18%), 1 with other items such as firearms, laptops, cameras, phones and televisions also frequently thieved.

According to the Australian Institute of Criminology, around 36 per cent of Australians believe their house is likely to be burgled in the coming year.1

Many people don’t help themselves. According to AAMI, 27% of 3,000 adults surveyed in 2014 admitted to sometimes leaving their front or back door unlocked and 32% admitted to leaving their windows unlocked. Perhaps not-surprisingly, one in five said they had left keys under pot plants or doormats. The research also found that 30% of Australians had experienced a break-in of their own home and in almost a third of cases, someone was at home at the time.2

Do you know the most common security mistakes?

The top four most common mistakes made by homeowners were:

  1. Leaving windows open
  2. Leaving valuables in view
  3. Hiding keys near their doors
  4. Leaving out parcels/mail

What many people don’t realise is that if you leave your home vacant for more than 60 consecutive days, your theft cover may not be upheld.

If you live in an area that is at significant risk of break-in, you can expect that to add to the cost of your annual home and contents insurance bill because insurance companies use crime rates in their methodology when determining the likelihood that you will make a claim.

There are steps you can take to reduce your risk of burglary which may also help you reduce your insurance premiums.

While dogs are among the most effective burglar deterrents, sensor lights, alarm systems, and security screens are also highly effective.3 Interestingly, the majority of burglaries occur during the daytime, so taking steps to ensure your home is secure while you’re at work and play is important.

Security needn’t look bad or cost the earth

While it’s important to secure your home, there’s no need to barricade yourself in (or out) of a fortress.

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