Is Your Home Prepared for Winter 2016?

Australians are part of the lucky few countries that receive sunshine all year round. Our Spring weather is equivalent to a warm a European Summer and our Summer time can be melt-your-face hot.

With all the sunshine Aussies are so used to, it’s easy to see why Australians don’t consider winter proofing their homes during colder months. You would be shocked to know, more people die from the cold in Australia than in Sweden. According to a study published in medical journal The Lancet, cold contributed to about 3.9% of deaths in Sweden, but 6.5% in Australia.

There are many very convincing reasons as to why you should protect your home this Winter, ranging from saving on heating costs, longevity of outdoor furniture and fixtures, and most important – your overall comfort.

Here are some tips to get your home through the winter months:

  1. Check and clean your gutters
    This is particularly important if you have a property with a lot of trees surrounding the home. Deciduous trees will shed most of their foliage in the Autumn months which may clog your gutters. Remove any leaf litter and debris from your gutters and then hose them down to check that the winters rain will be able to drain sufficiently.
  2. Insulate
    A properly insulated home can reduce heating costs by up to 30%. Ceiling insulation prevents heat from escaping through the roof, while wall insulation will prevent you losing heat through walls.
  3. Rug up
    Placing rugs on bare floors (particularly floor boards) will help protect you against any draughts.
  4. Block door gaps
    An enormous amount of heat can escape from a room through the gap between the bottom of the door and the floor. There can be easily fixed with the use of door snakes or even a rolled up towel, pushed firmly against the gap.
  5. Quality windows and doors
    You can boost your homes efficiency by replacing old windows with tight fitting windows. Window shutters are also another relatively inexpensive way to keep your house warm. Solid shutters are a better choice in winter, as the wood panels, vapour barriers and decorative coating act as insulation.
  6. Pool maintenance
    The pool is easily neglected in Winter, if left unattended, you may experience issues with algae and debris build up by the time Spring or Summer rolls around. Give the walls and floor of the pool a decent scrub, vacuum the entire pool and empty the pumps reservoirs. When you’re happy with the state of the pool, put a pool cover over the top to ensure the pool stays clean.

By all means, don’t feel like you need to spend the entirety of Winter indoors. There are still many ways to enjoy your outdoor spaces with the use of outdoor heaters and outdoor screens that will protect against the rain and wind.