Make Your House a Home With Plantation Shutters and Blinds

Plantation shutters are the perfect way to add style to your home while also controlling light, ventilation and privacy, but did you know these elegant window furnishings have a long history that’s believed to date back to ancient Greece?

Having found their place in Ancient Greece, shutters quickly caught on across the Mediterranean before eventually being introduced to the Americas by the Spanish. Here they were used to adorn mansions on large cotton plantations and the like… hence the name Plantation Shutters.

The benefits of Plantation shutters are many. You can use them to:

  • Control airflow and ventilation,
  • Control glare and light in internal spaces,
  • Provide privacy from the street and neighbours,
  • Protect furnishings from fading.

Whether you’re freshening up your home or starting from scratch, Plantation shutters are a great option. Installed in your kitchen they can be used to block and direct light from cooking areas. Their flexibility also makes them perfect for bathrooms, bedrooms and living rooms allowing you to open or shut out the world around you, control the temperature across seasons and protect furnishings from being faded by the sun. Options for installation mean you can choose shutters that let you open the top section for light while keeping the lower section of shutters closed for privacy. custom-makes aluminium Smart Stile and Paulownia timber plantation shutters to suit all windows, including corner, bay, and shaped windows. You can choose between our popular hinged shutters, bi-fold shutters (ideal as a room divider), sliding shutters (perfect for sliding doors) and our easily fixed removable shutters.

For creative ideas to turn your house into a beautiful home using Plantation Shutters, visit Houzz.

The Benefits of Blinds

If affordability is high on your list, blinds are a great cost effective way to create a beautiful, comfortable home environment. Simple to use and easy to maintain, bold and patterned blinds can bring rooms to life by adding texture and colour. Alternatively, you can choose neutral tones to create a safe and peaceful haven…

Used externally or internally, blinds will:

  • Control or filter direct sunlight,
  • Block the sun’s heat during summer while trapping it during winter,
  • Maintain your view while providing privacy when you need it.

Before you choose your blinds, think about the furniture in your room – a plain blind will showcase decorative art and furnishings while a patterned blind, or a blind with a wide stripe on the edges will create a dramatic impression.

There are many blinds to choose from to suit the architectural style of your home including indoor roller blinds, double roller blinds, blockout roller blinds and light filtering blinds, Venetian blinds, vertical blinds and panel glides.

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