The power of virtual reality in interior design

Virtual reality and augmented reality have the potential to change the face of interior design forever. It is already having a big influence and is expected to grow further in years to come. Find out more in the infographic. Maybe see how our roller blinds look before they’re installed?! We guarantee they’ll look great!

The Smart Kitchen of the Future is Here

Technology is slowly making its way into our kitchens and it looks set to change the way we do things in there! Time is a priceless commodity and technology has the potential to significantly reduce the time we spend in the kitchen. Find out more in our infographic.

Energy-Saving Tips in Australian Homes

The total amount of energy used every day in Australia could charge 110 billion mobile phones. Much of this usage is unavoidable, but there’s still plenty of it that is wasted. Energy efficiency begins at home, so be sure to implement these tips if you want to conserve energy and save quite a bit of […]

Making a Rented Home Your Own

When you live in rented property, it can be difficult to make it feel like it is truly your home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add a few personal touches. If you wish to make a few small-scale changes that aren’t unreasonable, there is a good chance that your landlord will approve.

Home Improvement Trends 2017

This infographic looks at some of the hottest trends in home improvement so far this year. The nature of what is ‘in vogue’ in interiors is usually rather dynamic, so now is the time for the trends featured below to shine.

The Real Cost of Renovating Your Kitchen

Do you intend making a few amendments and embellishments to your kitchen, or are you planning on a large-scale overhaul? The scale of renovation will determine the overall cost of the project, so be sure to set aside a budget that’s appropriate to the work that you’ve planned.

Home Burglary: Are You at Risk This Easter?

Household burglaries are one of Australia’s most widespread crimes. Money is most commonly stolen (19%) followed by jewellery (18%), 1 with other items such as firearms, laptops, cameras, phones and televisions also frequently thieved.

Air Conditioning & Your Health

Air conditioning (AC)can be a great relief when the weather is particularly hot but it’s important to keep the AC in good condition. Regular maintenance of the AC is essential to ensure it doesn’t affect your health.

Home Improvement Ideas

Sometimes the problem with home improvement is actually deciding what you want. There are so many different options and you have to balance your desires with your budget. Maybe include one of our alfresco blinds as part of it!