Apps to Improve Home Energy Efficiency – An Infographic

We all have a responsibility to protect the environment and the time could never be more important as now as we are witness to so many natural weather disasters around the world. The world has and is being bombarded with extreme weather conditions so much so that governments have had to sit up and take notice and formulate new plans of action in order to tackle the issues. The onus is also on us as residents of this Earth in that we have a responsibility also to try to improve the situation. This can be done by a change in behavior and in attitude; even small changes can make a difference.

We have put together an infographic below which will help to get you involved in the situation in a positive way. The infographic outlines some apps that will help to reduce your energy costs which will help your own budgetary measures but it is also taking action for the environment. Check it out below!

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Outdoor awnings for the perfect look

New Look, Same Amazing Service

A lot has changed in 15 years, and we have been so busy keeping customers happy, that we forgot to update you on all the great things on offer. So; took some ‘me’ time and updated our website to better showcase our broad product range and communicate our amazing price offers. It is our pleasure to introduce the all-new website.

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And The Winner Is…

The winner of the September draw is Mr Chieco of Glenmore Park. Mr Chieco has won $5,000 worth of product.

To be in the running to be the next months winner, visit one of our shopping centre displays.

Extensive Storm Damage

Limit Storm Damage with Roller Shutters

Reports from The Sydney Morning Herald on 21st April 2015 indicated that over 7000 insurance claims had been lodged, with millions of dollars of damage done to the NSW area due to severe storm damage. Cyclones are defined as strong, constant winds of more than 63km/h. Once the winds surpass 118 km/h, they are then classified as severe. There are generally five different categories of cyclone, with damage varying with each category.
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