Quality roller shutters made especially for you

At HalfPrice.com.au our range of beautifully designed roller shutters are manufactured in our Seven Hills factory and installed by our team.

Manufacturing your custom-made roller shutters begins after our initial assessment of your home, where we take measurements of your chosen windows and doors. Next, each component is cut to size by one of our team. Roller shutters are constructed from:

  • Curved aluminium slats
  • Side tracks
  • Header box
  • Bottom bar

Once cut, the manufacturing process is split into two separate parts:

Manufacture of the roller shutter curtain 

To create the shutter curtain, curved aluminium slats are laid out on a table, along with the bottom bar of the shutter. Each slat is then joined together via a special interlocking feature.Next, one of our team will secure a specially molded heavy duty plastic clip to each slat and staple them in place to prevent lateral movement.

Once the slats are secure, a nylofelt felt strip is attached to the bottom bar which acts as a buffer. This strip ensures the shutter operates smoothly and almost silently, so not to disrupt your day to day living.


Manufacture of the roller shutter head box: 

The shutter head box sits at the top of the frame and houses the roller shutter curtain, aluminium hexagon axle and the motor (if electric). Once fastened together, the side guides are set into a 40mm deep track and attached to the header box. The side guides are the part of the shutter which fix to the walls of your home to provide a secure seal against intruders.

Handled with care

All components are hand wrapped by one of our team, ready to be transferred to our installer, who fits and assembles the roller shutter on the outside of your home. If you choose an electric motorised shutter, we will arrange for an electrician to hard-wire the shutters to the mains power of your home, ensuring integrity in the power supply including installing safety switches where necessary.

You can choose to control your roller shutter via a wall mounted or hand controller, via a keyring remote or via a winder if you choose manual shutters.

For a durable home security solution, handmade with care, call us today  on 02 9119 7590 for a no obligation free quote!