Renovating your Kitchen

renovating your kitchen


So you’ve decided that your kitchen needs some work. Have you become tired of looking at the same old kitchen that hasn’t been updated in years? If so, there is so much to think about before you begin making changes. It’s important that you don’t rush in to anything and think carefully about what areas of your kitchen need attention.

The best place to begin is to define your budget. You might have an idea in your head of how you would like your kitchen to look but if it’s not in your budget you’ll need to reconsider things.

The cost of renovations will ultimately depend on the size and condition of the kitchen – so you will need to analyse that carefully.

It helps if you break it into three different cost levels:

  • Basic– $10,000 – $20,000
  • Standard – $20,000- $45,000
  • Premium – $45,000 – $75,000


The average Australian spends between $12,101 – $19,023 on kitchen renovations. It seems that most Australians are sticking with budget kitchens.

Generally, in these type of projects the shell of the kitchen, such as the floors and ceiling, will remain intact. This keeps the real cost of the project down. The important thing to remember is to choose your materials wisely, and even if it means paying a little more, it is often worth it.

Keep in mind things like extended warranties as these can be very beneficial as the years go on. You never appreciate a warranty until something goes wrong!


For a standard renovation, you can upgrade all of the above as well as making some more extensive changes to your kitchen.However, the major features of the kitchen can’t be changed too much as it will blow your budget.


Premium renovations involve making extensive changes to your kitchen. For these types of large renovations, you need to ensure that you have a large budget to match.

What do all the different kitchen components cost?

kitchen makeovers


Being aware of the costs of the individual components in your kitchen will make it easier to define your budget.

The average cost of flooring depends on the size of the kitchen area in your home and the materials you select.

Basic: Cheaper materials like vinyl and linoleum work well on a smaller budget.

Supply & installation cost: $36 per m²

Total cost: $468 on average


Standard: If you’re looking for more premium grade hardware floors you will need a larger budget.

Supply & installation cost: $75 per m²

Total cost: $975 on average


Premium: High quality hardware flooring such as spotted gum will set you back some serious cash.

Supply & installation cost: $90 per m²

Total cost: $2,340 on average

*costs based on a 13 m² kitchen


Having enough space to store everything is vital in any kitchen. All of your different bits and pieces in the kitchen must be stored effectively. You need to figure out if a standard set or a custom fit suits your kitchen the best. You will also want to put a bit of time in to thinking about the design and colour scheme you want for your cabinets.

Basic: If you’re just tidying up or making modifications to your existing cabinets it won’t break the bank.

Cost: $100- $460


Standard: If you’re making upgrades to cabinets, using for example a high quality laminate, it will require a much larger budget.

Cost: $3,000-$4,500


Premium: If you want high end hardware using polyurethane timber with high quality knobs and handles you will need a big budget.

Cost: $5,000- $12,000


Choosing a kitchen countertop depends on your lifestyle and of course your budget. Think about things like durability and your preferred styles. Do you prefer having an easy-to-maintain surface? Be realistic and keep your budget in mind as you do your research.

Basic: Improving on your existing fixtures and doing simple things like re-sealing joints between the splash back and the benchtop will generally be affordable.

Cost: $450- $800


Standard: If you decide to completely upgrade your countertop to a high quality laminate one, you will need a bigger budget.

Cost: $3,000-$5,000


Premium: If you really love your countertops and want some top quality quartz or stone you will need to have a very large budget.

Cost: $10,000+


There are sinks to suit most budgets. You can consider upgrading to the premium models here as they are generally affordable.

Basic: For a simple setup with basic sink, taps and installation, you should be able to afford it.

Cost: $500


Standard: For more mid-range sinks and taps you will be looking at a larger price. If you’re in to your sinks though, the standard range is hopefully within your budget.

Cost: $1,500


Premium: If you’re installing a brand new sink with premium features you need to have a decent budget.

Cost: $3,500

Oven & Cooktop

Your cooking area obviously plays a big role in your kitchen but you need to keep in mind that getting new appliances will cost you a lot of money.Here’s what to keep in mind.

Basic: To ensure that your current oven and cooktop continues to work well you should focus on regular maintenance. This is generally an affordable option and will save you from having to replace your appliances.

Cost: $200-$300


Standard: Replacing your oven and cooktop with some mid-range appliances will put a bigger dent in your budget.

Cost: $5,000


Premium: If you’re looking at more premium appliances, get ready to have your budget tested.

Cost: $10,000

Renovating Vs.Remodelling your Kitchen

renovating kitchens
‘Restore to a good state of repair’

Renovations can often be subtle changes to improve the existing structure of your kitchen.

‘Change the structure of something’

Remodels make more significant changes to the appearance and structure of a kitchen. Remodelling is generally a complete transformation.

Check out this article for more information on the differences between renovating and remodelling. If you’re getting a contractor to do the work, it’s important to explain clearly what changes you want to make in your kitchen.

Secrets of Kitchen Renovations on a Budget

remodelling your kitchen


Many people can’t afford a complete kitchen remodel so it is often better to think about keeping things simple with a kitchen makeover. It will save you an awful lot of money and your kitchen can still look great. Luckily, there are a few great ways to keep your costs down and still get the amazing kitchen you want!

Use paint effectively

Paint is great at covering things up, so if you’re on a really tight budget, a paint job can make all the difference. Paint can cover up things like damaged timber or old fashioned tiles – just remember to get the specialised paint required for each job.

Laying down the floor

You can get some flooring for reasonable prices these days. There is even an option to buy stick-on vinyl flooring which looks great but is still very affordable.

Update lights

How you light your kitchen can make or break how it looks. For example, pendant lights can add some life to an otherwise bland and dated space. To be on the safe side you should get an electrician to change the lights for you – making changes to your own electrics is actually illegal in Australia.

Think about the little things

Small changes can make a big difference to a kitchen. Go to your kitchen and see if things like light switches, handles and tapware could do with an update. These things are really cheap to change and can greatly improve how your kitchen looks.

Before & After Kitchen Makeovers

kitchen makeovers: Before & after


If you need a little extra motivation to get going, check out these great before and after kitchen makeovers from Houzz. These homeowners have done some incredible stuff to their kitchens on very tight budgets.

Check out this video of a fantastic DIY kitchen makeover. It is possible to do a lot of the work yourself with a little bit of research. The changes a team of two brothers make are amazing!

Watch this video to see how you can complete your kitchen renovations on a $1600 budget. If you buy well reviewed products, at reasonable prices, it really is possible! Get more information on what you need to buy if you’re on a tight budget now.

If you would like to discuss aspects of your kitchen renovation with us, feel free to get in touch. Depending on the style of your kitchen, shutters could be a good addition. They’re great at controlling light in your kitchen and provide fantastic security.