Want the peace of mind that your home is secure?

HalfPrice Roller Shutters

We would all like peace of mind that our home is secure when we’re not there. By installing rollers shutters on your windows and doors, you can feel confident to go out and leave your home unattended. Whether it be for a few hours, or a few weeks whilst you are overseas.


Roller shutters are a trusted solution for many homes and businesses across Australia. Comprised of interlocking slats (also known as an aluminium curtain) the slats locks together and secure. Roller shutters can be installed in 3 configurations: electric, manual and spring loaded and are specially designed for covering:

  • Windows
  • Corner windows
  • Bay windows
  • Sliding doors
  • Front doors

Discourage thieves from entering your home by installing security roller shutters

Unlike most home security solutions such as alarms and cameras, rollers shutters provide a physical deterrent and are preventative rather than reactive. Their robust aluminium design is likely to discourage intruders from attempting to breaking in at all.

Each aluminium slat is aligned together through the special interlocking features in the roll forming process. When in the closed position, roller shutters offer full privacy meaning temptations such as TV’s and music systems are out of view.

To maximise the efficiency, quietness and longevity of the roller shutter, a heavy duty plastic cap with steel pivots and high quality bearings, allows the axle to rotate as the curtain operates up and down. It’s this durability which makes roller shutters perfect for protecting glass windows and doors – the main point of entry with almost all burglaries

More than just security. Roller shutters provide home insulation and weather protection

As well as preventing home break ins, roller shutters can also protect against unforeseeable conditions. The Australian weather can be harsh and unpredictable, fortunately roller shutters provide superior protection from the elements. The aluminium curtain is coated in a fade and abrasive resistant enamel, providing protection from damaging UV rays, hail, rain and high winds.

Each aluminium slat features a piercing to allow air to circulate and light to penetrate when in the open position – creating excellent ventilation in the summer months. Additionally, each slat is injected with polyurethane to provide the insulation, meaning your home will be naturally warmer in the winter. Finally, all HalfPrice roller shutters are CSIRO tested meaning they protect against ember attacks during bush fires – particularly important if you live in a rural area.

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