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PVC Shutters

Our PVC Shutters are made from an environmentally friendly, non-toxic polymer that is tougher and more stable than timber for long lasting good looks. Chipping, warping and splitting is a thing of the past with these durable shutters. PVC Shutters have a two-way closure and can span up to 900mm per panel.

PVC Shutters are a modern take on a classic wooden shutter offering flexibility, durability and are very easy to clean and maintain. And of course, they come at a better price point than timber.

Ideal for wet areas

PVC Shutters are moisture, bacteria and termite resistant, making them the ideal choice for damp areas such as bathrooms, laundries and kitchens.

Insulating properties

PVC Shutters are also flame resistant and have better thermal and acoustic insulating properties than timber.

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