Timber Shutters

Wooden Shutters are a luxurious product that will add elegance to any room. Most popular for bedrooms and living areas, our Timber Plantation Shutters provide excellent air flow while managing light and privacy. Our beautiful Timber Shutters are styled from Basswood, a natural hardwood that has been kiln-dried for stability and strength. Crafted with aerofoil blades, these shutters can be finished in a range of solid colours or stained to enhance the natural wood grain texture.

A refined look

Timber Shutters are functional and easy to use and can be installed in any room. They are a great choice if you’re looking to add classic and natural beauty to your home.

Basswood Plantation Shutters have a two-way closure, can span up to 900mm per panel and can be used in circular, arched or angled designs. The simple slatted design gives them a refined look.

Save on energy

Timber Shutters have a very significant effect on preventing heat and glare through windows and blocking out excessive heat and wind, which means you will use less energy to heat your home.

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