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Control light and privacy in Australia with our outdoor window blinds

Roller blinds offer a modern and cost effective solution to managing light and privacy in your home. The range includes: Indoor Roller Blinds, Double Roller Blinds, Blockout Roller Blinds and Light Filtering Blinds, Venetian Blinds, Vertical Blinds and Panel Glides. One of the largest collection of blinds in Australia blinds are designed with quality in mind. Our blinds are a sophisticated way to introduce colour and texture into your decor through an array of patterns, colours and fabrics. Our range of modern blinds are custom made to provide a simple, affordable and stylish solution for any window. Our range of blinds are supplied with a one (1) year warranty.


Blockout Roller Blinds come in an extensive range of colours and patterns and provide complete privacy against light and visibility from the outside, making them perfect for bedrooms and living areas.



Light Filtering

Light Filtering Roller Blinds will filter the sun, but not your view. They provide day time privacy and allow you to see outside whilst blocking people from seeing in during the day.


Double roller blinds feature a special bracket to allow you to have both Blockout Roller Blinds and a Light Filtering Roller Blind on one window. Double blinds offer additional insulation during summer and winter and give you the flexibility of having complete privacy or allowing natural ambient light to filter through.


Venetian blinds have a remarkable ability to suit any space, whilst giving you the freedom to control your level of light and privacy. Our Venetian Blinds are made from a durable foam polymer and contain built in safety features so you have peace of mind in the family home. Our blinds are custom made to meet your window covering requirements, giving you a bespoke finish in a style to suit.


Vertical blinds are an affordable option meeting your particular functional and decorative requirements. Privacy and light are easily controlled with a wand allowing rotation of the vanes up to 180 degrees when closed and rapid open to stacked to the left, right or split in the middle for maximum viewing. Vertical blinds come in 90mm wide slats and have a maximum width of 5.775 metres with a maximum drop of 3.650 metres.

Panel Glides

Panel Glides are ideal for sliding doors and a modern alternative to Vertical blinds. Panels move effortlessly through multiple tracks by the use of a wand making them an ideal solution for sliding doors and large windows. The slats are wider ranging in width from 400mm to 1.0 metre, with a maximum width of 4.8 metres with a maximum drop of 4.2 metres

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