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Roller Shutters

Make a smart investment for your home in Australia. High-quality, cheap Roller Shutters (also known as Rolling Shutters) are an affordable way to enhance the style, security and privacy of your home. They are specially designed for covering windows and doors and can be installed to fit corner and bay windows, as well as sliding and front doors.

The ideal choice for both residential and commercial properties, our full-scale service includes supply, installation, repair and maintenance of your products. Our collection of cheap roller shutters are available in a range of colours and materials, so you’re sure to find the ideal choice for your needs. Affordable prices without compromising on quality. This is why Half Price Shutters has been the number one choice in Sydney and across Australia for over 15 years.

Why Do You Need Our Roller Shutters for Your Home?

Offering superior blackout properties, our range of Roller Shutters is an ideal solution for homeowners that want privacy during the day and night. All of our Roller Shutters are available at a great price and are constructed from an Aluminium Shutter curtain for optimal strength and durability. They are coated in a fade and abrasive resistance enamel, resulting in robust protection against the harsh Australian climate. They can repel damaging UV rays, block rain, hail and other flying objects, as well as protect against ember attacks during bushfires.

Why Install Modern Roller Shutters with Half Price Shutters?

Security and Protection

Window shutters offer fantastic protection against burglaries in your home. The Aluminium Roller Shutters provide both obstruction of view and an extra layer of protection. This acts as a strong deterrent from potential burglaries,.

Weather protection

Our window and door shutters excel at combating the harsh Australian elements that can make things very uncomfortable in your home. In summer, they prevent the strong UV rays from penetrating the home, and in winter, they shield the home against wind and rain.

Light and privacy

The modern design of our Roller Shutters gives a great view from the outside when opened, while virtually eliminating light when in the closed position.

Window shutters

Our window Roller Shutters are formed with interlocking aluminium slats, rolled to create an aluminium curtain. This makes them a secure option for your home or commercial property.

Not only will they help to protect against intruders, they’ll also ensure your home stays warm in winter and cool in summer.

Door shutters

While not as common as window shutters, Roller Shutters for doors can be useful for both residential and commercial properties.

The ideal choice for sliding doors, they’ll ensure better security, while also increase privacy and provide temperate control year-round. Made from the same quality materials as our window shutters, they come highly recommended from our customers.

Electric shutters

Electric Roller Shutters are not only far more convenient to use than manual Roller Shutters, they’re the perfect option for security.

With electronic controls, you don’t need to manually attend to each window and door, but can simply press a button to enable your property’s security. This makes our electric security shutters a great choice for both residential and commercial properties.

5 Year Warranty on all Modern Roller Shutters

Our Roller Shutters are fully backed with a 5-year warranty on the aluminium shutter curtain, and a 5-year warranty on motorisation. Half Price Shutters is proud to provide a full after sales service to all our customers if any issue should arise with our Roller Shutters.

Delivery in the Sydney metropolitan area is 5 days when standard colours are used.

Get a Quote

Choose Half Price Shutters for an unbeatable service and Roller Shutters at a great price. We guarantee a quality product and a speedy delivery. What’s more, all our Roller Shutters come with a 5-year warranty on the aluminium shutter curtain and a 5-year warranty on motorisation.

Our full collection of Roller Shutters for windows and doors is available in Sydney, Canberra, Central Coast and Newcastle. To find out more about anything in our collection and to ensure you find the superior choice for your needs, contact our team on 13 61 21 for a free consultation and quote.


Battery Operated

The PowerSmart™ Roller Shutter battery operated automation system allows you to raise and lower your external shutters at the touch of a button. The rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery has a large capacity, but when it does need recharging, you simply charge it like a mobile phone.

Double Line – 42mm

Made in Australia from high quality aluminium alloy, our 42mm slat Roller Shutter has a double line groove and a curved face profile. It is suitable for widths up to 3,200mm and is perfect for any home and or shop front. Available in a variety of colours, it can be controlled manually or motorised.

Widespan – 55mm

Our 55mm Widespan Australian made Roller Shutters are perfect when you have a wide area to cover, such as garage doors, shop fronts and commercial applications such as warehouses and clubs. Foam filled for additional strength, security and quiet operation, they have a smooth, curved face profile with a high quality painted finish.

Motorised Roller Shutters

Motorised Roller Shutters are conveniently operated by a wall mounted switch or a remote control. They are ideal for locations where the window access makes manual winding difficult such as first floor windows.

Firesafe™ Bushfire Rated – 36mm Extruded

Australian made, FireSafe™ Bushfire Rated Roller Shutters form a protective curtain of 36mm extruded aluminium alloy, suitable for all your windows and doors. They comply with Australian Bushfire Construction Standard AS3959-2009, rated Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) 40.

Manual Roller Shutters

Manual Rollers Shutters are operated with a winder or a strap and are very cost effective and easy to operate. No electricity and no motors makes them simple and efficient to use and durable.