Roller Blinds in Australia

Our roller blinds provide a simple solution to covering your windows and doors. They are custom made and come with either single or double blinds. Our range of roller blinds come in a variety of patterns, colours and fabrics so you are sure to find a design that will work for you and your home.

Single blinds

  • Standard roll – the blind rolls towards the window providing better light control and insulation.
  • Over roll – the blind roll out towards the room providing clearance from any window protrusions i.e. handles

Double blinds 

Feature a  special bracket to combine the two blinds;

  • The rear blind (nearest the window) will usually be a light filtering or sunscreen which is down during the daytime to screen or filter sunlight
  • The front blind is usually a blockout blind which provides darkness and privacy.

Australian homes are changing and roller blinds continue to grow in popularity. At, we specialise in providing high quality and affordable roller blinds to homes across NSW and ACT, and with our team of qualified experts you are guaranteed a professional installation every time.

Our Range of Roller Blinds


Blockout Roller Blinds provide complete privacy against light and visibility from the outside, making them perfect for bedrooms and living areas

Light Filtering

Light Filtering Roller Blinds will filter the sun, but not your view. They provide day time privacy and allow you to see outside whilst blocking people from seeing in during the day.


Double roller blinds allow you to have both Blockout Roller Blinds and a Light Filtering Roller Blind on one window giving you the flexibility between having complete privacy or allowing natural ambient light to filter through.

Contact us about our range of roller blinds. One of our expert team will have an obligation free discussion with you about blinds for your home.