Security Roller Shutters

At we supply and install a range of high quality roller shutters for unbeatable security in your home. Our range of modern roller shutters ensures your home will look beautiful and keep you safe.

We are a 100% Australian company with a reputation for providing our customers with a quality of service they can rely on. Our entire range of roller shutters are sourced from our Seven Hills factory to guarantee our customers the fastest possible delivery time.

Our team are fully qualified and versed in every aspect of our product range, including all repair and maintenance work. For unbeatable customer service and a full after sales service at prices you can afford, have you covered.

Roller Shutters: For the Ultimate in Home Security

Unlike most home security solutions such as alarms and cameras, rollers shutters provide a physical deterrent and are preventative rather than reactive. Their robust aluminium design is likely to discourage intruders from attempting to breaking in at all.

Our roller shutters are assembled from interlocking aluminium slats which are roll formed to create the curved profile. The aluminium curtain sits inside a flangeless side guide set into a 40mm deep track thereby improving the security of the shutter. To maximise the efficiency and longevity of the shutter a heavy-duty plastic cap with steel pivots allow the axle to rotate as the curtain operates up and down whilst resting on a Nylofelt buffer for a quiet and smooth operation.

Robust aluminium slats

Our range of security roller shutters are made from an aluminium shutter curtain – this includes 44 mm by 9mm of rounded aluminium slats. To prevent the shutter from moving sideways, each slat is tightly secured with a large moulded end clip.

Our roller shutters are designed to alleviate any security risks and this is easily achieved with our uniquely designed springs for extra protection and a 40mm deep track.

All of this combined produces a fantastic light-weight shutter that does not compromise on security and is super easy to operate!


Our entire range of electric shutters can be controlled automatically by either a switch mounted on the wall or by hand with a small remote control.


These secure roller shutters put you in control and are easily operated with a strap or winder.

Spring Loaded

The best option for shop fronts! Operated with a secure key locking system.

Are you thinking about installing roller shutters in your home to provide extra security?Let’s have a discussion about how we can help.