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Amazon Echo VS. Google Home: Face-Off!

Thinking about buying an Amazon Echo or Google Home smart speaker? Take a look at our infographic so you can be sure you’re making the smart choice for your smart home! What Is A Smart Speaker? An essential tool for any ultra-modern home, smart speakers are Wi-Fi-connected devices featuring built-in artificial intelligence which comes in […]

The Best Home Automation Devices & Apps

Technology is taking over our homes and the growth of home automation devices has been massive in recent years. We can now control nearly everything in our homes through our smartphone. Find out more in the infographic!

Prefab Houses: An Infographic

Prefab homes are becoming more and more common. They are also more advanced in terms of their engineering and efficiencies and may herald a viable alternative for countries suffering from a housing shortage. Check out our infographic for all the information.

The Internet of Things – In the Home!

You might have heard about the Internet of Things and assumed it was all to do with I.T. companies and their processes. Well it does in a way but the Internet of Things (IoT) will also or has also made its way into your home and it couldn’t be more exciting! This infographic that we […]