Affordable Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are an affordable and stylish alternative to roller blinds. Of course, the primary benefit of vertical blinds is that they protect you from the sun. Many people don’t realise the damage sun can do when it is magnified through a glass window. Those of you with large windows need to be particularly careful in this instance, and blinds can become a necessity during the summer months.

At, we focus on providing our customers with a high quality product at affordable prices, and our range of vertical blinds meets both of these criteria. They provide all the functional and decorative requirements and do a great job at protecting you and your family.

Bespoke Vertical Blinds

While capable of covering any window, vertical blinds are particularly suitable for sliding doors and larger windows. Vertical blinds have a maximum width of 5.775 metres with a maximum drop of 3.650 metres and come in 90mm wide slats.

All blinds are custom made to meet the window covering requirements and suspend from an aluminium track which comes in a range of colours to blend into your home decor.

Depending on your preference and style of your window, your blinds can be installed in reveal or face fit. Whichever option you choose your view is never compromised, using the hidden wand you can stack your blinds to the left, right or split them in the middle.

Find out more about our entire range of vertical blinds now. Our expert team is waiting to answer any questions you have.